How much is your idea worth?

At our core we are an investment company specializing in stealth-mode and early stage startups.  We combine the expertise of a consulting company with the guidance of a startup accelerator.  Let us help you with operations so you can concentrate on product development and growth.  We will help you execute on your idea by filling any gaps you may have.  This could be development/engineering, design, marketing, planning, finance/fundraising, recruiting and more.  We can help you get to the next phase.  You can think of our offerings as cofoudning-as-a-service.  We will become members of your team and treat your startup idea as if it were our own.

From experience most early-stage companies need to complete the same tasks in order to bring a new idea to market successfully:

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Home eCommodities INC

We can provide support in these areas and more.

Are you an early-stage tech startup looking for help with marketing, design or growth?  We can help with everything from user interface, search/social, sales, bug fixes etc.  Our designers and marketers will supercharge your brand and bring in those crucial first customers.  

Are you an investor in an early-stage startup looking for a partner to help remove roadblocks and enhance margins?  We can work with your co-founders to identify current and future risks and help mitigate them.  We can provide guidance or help with engineering. We'll do whatever it takes to help bring the idea to market or to improve an existing idea.

Our team has more than 100 years combined experience. In addition to traditional software development and design we employ finance consultants, accountants, cryptocurrency people, blockchain developers, product managers and more.  Whatever your idea is we have the right resource.  In terms of compensation we're interested in both cash and equity.

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What We Do

Investment Management & Consulting

Planning, Valuations, P&L, Accounting, Growth.  We'll help bring your idea and operations in line with your revenue goals so that you can become profitable earlier.

Project Management

Project management for large scale development and engineering projects. 

Full-Stack Software Development

Frontend, Backend, Mobile, Devops, Design, Product Management/Testing


Social, search and influencer campaigns, initial customer acquisition, campaign refactoring, graphic/video ad design, existing campaign management

Business Development

Hiring, Business Planning, Funding Finding, Growth Hacking

Recruiting & Onboarding

You can't execute if you don't have the right people. Let us help you find, hire and onboard the best talent!