Full-Stack Software Development

Full-Stack Software eCommodities INC

Web Application Design and Development

We can work with you to codify your idea, modify an existing application or build something completely new.  We have developers with varying amounts of experience in a diverse set of environments.  We can match you with someone who has the right kind of experience and aligns with your company culture.

Mobile Application Design and Development

We have mobile developers with experience with frameworks as well as native languages.  We can design and develop a new app or one that complements an existing website or application.  We also have game developers on staff.  Our developers can build an app while you focus on growth or work closely with your developers to bring an existing idea or feature to market.

UX/UI Design

User experience is one of the most important factors in the success of any product from web applications to wearables a good user experience alone will retain users.  Our UX designers have extensive experience with companies large and small.  We will take an empirical approach to learning your culture, design goals and user base even if you're pre-revenue.  Our designers also crosstrain and work closely with developers to make sure they are making the best use of the features supported by your platform/stack.

Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Development

Blockchain is emerging as an alternative to databases for certain use cases.  Our blockchain developers are well versed in C++ and solidity and have a thorough understanding

Data Science & Machine Learning

Big data is changing the way software companies operate.  Data collection, modeling and analytics can give you very valuable insights into the needs of your users, potential issues and more.  We have trained data scientists with experience in working with datasets that are relevant to internet companies and marketers.  We will work with you on a short or long-term basis to help gather and analyze your data.  Big data is a game changer.

WordPress Development and Customization

WordPress is the most widely used platform for websites.  It's the best way to build modern, fast, responsive websites and usually the best option for early stage startups.  Our team of developers and designers can help you create a site that matches your brand vision or update an existing site.  We can help you create your first site or expanding an the features of an existing site.  We can also help with advanced theme creation/customization, custom HTML/CSS and new plugin development.