Business Development/Growth Hacking

Market and Competitor Research

We can help you research your market and identify possible competitors while you're planning your strategy.  Market research is a crucial part of the business development process whether you're a new company or you've been around for a while.  We have developers, designers, accountants and analysts.  We can gather information from each perspective and provide you with a unique view of your target market.

Social Media Strategy

The general public is most likely to be introduced to your brand via social media.  Whether it's a customer, a potential investor, a competitor or a potential employee it's important to have a compelling social media presence.  We have experience marketers and designers that will help you bring your vision to life or craft a new one based on your goals.

Marketing & SEO

Instagram is the new TV.  Youtube is a close second.  Social media marketing is as important as it is complex.  Let us help you create a advertising strategy that won't break the budget.


No you're not seeing things. Once the fundamentals are in order we can help you create a funding plan.  We know what investors look for and we can help you find and pitch investors and accelerators.  We'll also help with government grants, loans and opportunities to bootstrap.  

Recruiting & onboarding

The most important part of a company is the team.  This is true for both startups and established companies.  We can takeover the recruiting process for you based on your specifications.  We can help you find cofounders, your first employee or your hundredth.  We have recruited hundreds of candidates across thousands of interviews.  We can find the ideal candidate for you while you focus on running your company.


As a company grows support tasks such as tax strategy, accounting, communications, documentation, budgeting and general organization become both important and complex.  As experienced consultants we have a thorough understanding of these tasks and can provide guidance or direct support as needed in order to free up your time for more important tasks.