What We Do eCommodities INC Valuation, Planning, Engineering, Growth

Our mission is simple.  To get results.  Customer acquisition, growth, ROI and a healthy thriving organization, we will help you get there.  The core of any business is it's balance sheet. Whether you're a pre-seed startup or a publicly traded corporation, the best indicator of the health of your business is it's balance sheet.  That term can be intimidating though, especially in the early planning phases and even more so if the founders are not familiar with business accounting.  A balance sheet is simply a list of the assets and liabilities of a company.  It will tell you what you have, how much it's worth and how much you're making in profits.  It should be the beginning of any business plan or startup idea although it is often put off until it is too late.  Excited yet?

For now think of the balance sheet as the score card.  Even if you're not a soulless capitalist you generally want to have more on the assets side than the liability side.  Getting there looks different for every company.  This is where we can help.  We have a team of consultants with expertise in several disciplines.  Finance, development, design, marketing, operations and more.  We can work with almost any company at any stage and be effective.  Once we have your balance sheet we can calculate a valuation if you haven't already.  This will create a basis for further development.  With some many experts at our disposal we're positioned to give you a more accurate picture than even some of the big 5 consulting companies.  This can be incredibly valuable down the line.  Once we have your valuation done we can work with you to help you execute.  Most often that's product development and coding however every company is different.  We can fill any gap on your team or allow you to outsource the entire MVP process and allow you to focus on branding and business development.

If you're an investor we can be the missing link between you and your cofounders.  Most investors don't have the luxury of learning the stack of technologies required to make a startup successful.  We can step in and work with you and your cofounders in an advisory role and help bridge the gap.  We can level set your expectations in terms of product development and help your cofounders create returns.  We can also handle maintenance tasks such as documentation, bug fixes, blogging/social media and more to allow everyone more time to focus on business and product development.