Who We Are eCommodities INC

Who We are.

Part consulting firm, part startup accelerator, we focus on early-stage startups and help them bring new ideas to life.  90% of startups fail.  I think we've all heard this statistic at one time or another. 

The reasons why most startups fail are surprisingly simple.  It usually comes down to failing to execute on a great idea or niche.  This is especially true for tech startups.  We take it for granted that what we know as the internet was created in 1988.  Given its scale, we probably haven't begun to scratch the surface.  This means that most tech ideas are viable even if there are other companies in the same market or if the market is saturated.  This is also why we see so many acquisitions.  This will only accelerate as we start seeing robotics, wearables, and augmented reality become mainstream.  This is a very exciting time.  We're not only driven by returns but we're excited to play a small part in bringing new technologies to humanity.

We are a motley crew of developers, analysts, designers, marketers, accountants, engineers, product managers, project managers, and more working together to help customers solve problems as quickly and efficiently as possible.  Additionally, there are a few ideas being confounded internally.  We believe the best way to build a business is to start with a strong team.  A skilled, cross-functional team that works well together can accomplish just about anything.  Why not use the same concept internally?